Oct 27

Students of the Month – October 2022

October 27, 2022

Deloy – Age 14


My student Deloy is extremely positive and ambitious. At first we struggled a little bit on solving inequalities in math, but we continuously practiced problems together and tried different ways to answer questions. Now Deloy is a master in equations!

Deloy is also a great athlete, talented in many sports like swimming, water polo, football, and trac. He has dreams of becoming an Olympic Athlete. He is also interested in becoming a forensic scientist to solve difficult crimes and bring justice to the victims

Deloy is extremely resilient and has a golden heart. I’m so thankful to be able to be his tutor, and I wish nothing but the best for him. I look forward to supporting him mentally and in achieving his academic goals throughout high school.

– Wonhee Lee, Volunteer Tutor

Nathan – Age 10


Nathan is such a hard-working and dedicated student. Even when the work gets tough, he never gets discouraged, something I find quite admirable. I always try to close out our sessions with general questions/comments about school, what we worked on and just life in general and he is always so full of insightful questions; I feel like I’m always learning something new!

Helping people is very important to Nathan. He would like to become a policeman, or better yet, an FBI agent, as working for the FBI would give him an opportunity to look into strange cases. His curiosity is something I believe will take him far. Just last week, Nathan asked me how magnets were made. We googled it together and read about the process. We learned that lava rocks can be naturally magnetic, due to the Earth’s magnetic field, and that was a pretty amazing thing to learn!

I am always learning something new during our time together. His kindness and compassion towards people and animals really shines. Overall, Nathan has taught me that curiosity and dedication make the perfect combination for learning and there’s always something new to learn.

– Katelyn Downer, Volunteer Tutor

Johnny – Age 9


Johnny is a competitive little guy; he does best when we make it a race, and is always down for a rematch. He has had some trouble focusing on math, but we get more of it done when I set separate times for math and more fun things, like board games.

Johnny doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up yet, but he does know that he wants to help out his family.

Johnny is my second tutee. One thing I’ve learned is just how specialized my approach to mentorship needs to be for each student. It’s a valuable experience and I recommend people give a try.

– Ashwin Bhupathy, Volunteer Tutor

Myah – Age 11


Myah is always bright and cheerful, doing her best every week to push herself to understand concepts even when they’re difficult to grasp.

She’s been struggling with memorizing parts of speech, so we’ve been going over quizzes for the past few weeks and are seeing improvement.

Myah wants to be a doctor someday. One important lesson she has taught me is that there’s no problem that can’t be solved with an enthusiastic attitude!

– Haley Pak, Volunteer Tutor