Sep 26

Students of the Month – September 2023

September 26, 2023

Estefany – Age 10

It can be hard to come to every session with my student motivated and eager to learn, especially since we meet on weekends, but ever since our first session together, I have been so impressed with how Estefany carries herself. Regardless of how she is feeling, she is always ready to work hard — no matter what the subject is and how difficult or interesting she finds it.

Initially, Estefany found it a bit difficult to read aloud fluidly, particularly when long or complex words came up. However, through consistent practice at every session, she has improved by leaps and bounds. Whereas before she might have confused similar-sounding words or switched to incorrect verb tenses, she hardly ever makes these kinds of mistakes anymore, thanks to her hard work and great attitude!

Estefany isn’t sure as of yet what she wants to be in the future, but she has plenty of things that interest her. She is curious about almost everything we learn or talk about during our sessions, and particularly enjoys learning about different animals. Working with Estefany has taught me the importance of keeping an open and inquisitive mind. Her positive attitude and eagerness to learn is inspiring and truly highlights how our own mindsets can be the biggest barrier against improvement.

– Ananya Krishnapura, Tutor

Jenko – Age 10

Jenko has a combination of good traits: He picks things up quickly and is smart, eager to learn, patient, responsible, obedient, and calm.

Pronouncing certain words in English can be challenging for Jenko. Working together with the prescribed short stories and exercises, especially when read aloud, is really helping.

Jenko wishes to be a police officer and a chef in the future. In our time together, I have learned about several different foods and even picked up a few new words in Spanish.

– Jose Valdovinos, Tutor