Dec 30

Tutor Anniversaries December 2018

Tutor Anniversaries December 2018

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Seven Years
Margaret Maccurdy

Five Years
Emily Brown

Four Years
Geena Conde
Debra Kaufman
Maria Ortiz
Nicole Liddicote

Three Years
Amber Monterosso
Jonathan Garcia
Susan Porter
Peter Banachowski

Two Years
Peter Abbay
Laura Strauss
Anna Stroud
Stephen Nixon
Leeanne Lim
Bonnie Denes
Sara Woldegebriel
Gary Young
Maggie Liu

One Year
Julie Mendoza
Prapatsorn Nishii
Cameron Johnson
Emily Cohen
Christina Schoellkopf
Diana Casillas
Rachael Becker
Aren Mirzakhanian
Erick Alvarenga
Martha Wilson
Bernadette Baclig
Samantha Baclig
Khushi Patel
Tucker Blum