Jun 01

Tutor Anniversaries June 2017

Tutor Anniversaries June 2017
We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Nine Years
Jacqueline Romo

Eight Years
Peter Westermayer

Six Years
Ashley Peterson

Four Years
Jeffrey Bryant
Wendy Nguyen
Marcia Rothman

Three Years
Alonso Quintero

Two Years
Jessie Mclachlan
Camille Boag
Cheyne Burton
Cindy Gunn
Jane Shirk
James King

One Year
Annie Sui
William Shin
Jackie Guevara
Nirupama Madduri
Andrew Daedler
Karissa Thompson
Alison Farr
Remi Blanco
Steven Teng
Gloria Lee
Loire Tsui
Rashidat Emiola
Raymond Frank
Gina Borys
Ivana Orozco
Goomo Yoon
Jacob Maldonado
Leena Surapaneni
Brandon So
Tanya Cano