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Tutors of the Month – November 2015

Tutors of the Month – November 2015

Region 2 – South LA

– Jon Hammond-Hagan. Jon made a video describing his tutoring experience with School on Wheels. In the video, Jon says that he can honestly say that he can see the positive impact that School on Wheels has on all of the students he has worked with. Thank you for your dedication, Jon!

Region 4 – South Bay, Long Beach

Sara Chisholm, School on Wheels Tutor of the Month

– Sara Chisholm. I originally joined School on Wheels in February 2014 to fulfill my New Year’s resolution which was to start volunteering on a regular basis. I came across School on Wheels in a Google search and thought it had a great mission, carried out by dedicated people. My first session, which was group tutoring at a shelter, was chaotic (in a good way), fun and inspiring. I was nervous about my capabilities and how students would respond to me, but they were so excited to have some individual help and attention that my apprehensions dissipated. I enjoyed working with the little kids on their coloring and with middle schoolers on their algebra. I saw glimpses of progress even though I never knew who would be at the shelter that evening or when the families would be gone. Since those first sessions, I’ve become more confident as a tutor, and I’ve been inspired by the students’ perseverance and determination to learn despite their stark disadvantages. I feel lucky to be part of this group of tutors and students fighting against the cycle of poverty for a brighter future.

Louis Mena, Regional Coordinator

Region 5 – Hollywood, Silver Lake, Highland Park

Olivia Scott, School on Wheels Tutor of the Month

– Olivia Scott. Olivia has been with School on Wheels for a year now and she has definitely been a joy to have on our team! I absolutely love her enthusiasm and dedication. She is now working with her third student and has definitely had a positive impact in each of her students’ lives. When she is not busy tutoring, she dances, models and acts. A HUGE thank you to you, Olivia, for being a part of School on Wheels! We really can’t exist without great tutors like you!

In her words: Having grown up with a mother who is a grade school teacher, I appreciate the importance of education in relation to a person’s success in life. My mother always tries to build children’s self esteem by being respectful and by keeping things light. After living in LA for a few years, I realized that I needed to get more involved in the community. What better way than working with children? I have fun and learn something every week that I work with Chris. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work as a School On Wheels tutor.

Lancella Hunter, Regional Coordinator

Region 7 – San Fernando Valley

Sam Miller, School on Wheels Tutor of the Month

– Sam Miller. Sam is an amazing tutor! He is energetic, enthusiastic and quickly bonds with his students. Since Sam started tutoring, he has taken on more responsibilities. As a tutor he meets consistently with his student, always logs his hours and improves his student’s education! Over time Sam has volunteered more and is now a Tutor Coordinator who helps me make tutor/student matches, facilitates first sessions and works with the database. Needless to say, Sam is a fantastic volunteer and I am so happy he started tutoring with School on Wheels!

In his words: I migrated to North Hollywood from the frozen and deserted land of South Dakota three years ago. I spend most of my day chasing around my six month old Lhasa/Terrier dog named Addison. With the time that’s left, I manage musicians, play in a band, and try to write novels. I got involved with School on Wheels six months ago when I found the organization online, and since have tutored two awesome students in Pacoima named Steven and Dominic.

Brianna Grothe, Regional Coordinator

Region 8 – Ventura County

Amanda Evans, School on Wheels Tutor of the Month

– Amanda Evans. I knew Amanda was going to be an awesome tutor when she showed up to her first session with a tote bag full of materials, crayons, books, and assessments! Amanda heard about School On Wheels through her supervisor at Ventura County Credit Union, who has also been a volunteer tutor for three years. While participating in Ventura County Leadership Academy, Amanda began to explore social issues facing Ventura County. As Amanda researched the issue of homelessness within our county, she was reminded of the volunteer tutor opportunities her supervisor had shared with her. Before becoming a School on Wheels tutor, Amanda, along with the marketing department at Ventura County Credit Union, helped organize a school supplies drive two years in a row. After applying to become a volunteer tutor, Amanda says, “I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. After going through the tutor training, I felt more confident about it, but I was still anxious to know what tutoring was going to be like. I was nervous and excited at the same time! I really wanted to do a great job.” I admire Amanda’s enthusiasm for making tutoring fun and engaging for Joshua by incorporating art and educational apps, which are his favorite! Amanda says that Joshua does his homework on the bus, just so they can spend the hour focusing on fun tutoring activities.

Amanda, from the beginning, you have put Joshua’s needs at the forefront. You have gone above and beyond and I want to thank you for giving 100% to being a tutor!

Terrie Soto, Regional Coordinator

Region 12 – North Orange County

Ryan Hsieh, School on Wheels Tutor of the Month

– Ryan Hsieh. Ryan has been a tutor with School On Wheels for six months. He brings passion, understanding, fun, and patience to each of his sessions. But not only does he go above and beyond for his student every week, he has recruited new tutors from his high school for School On Wheels. Thanks to Ryan, there are many more tutors supporting homeless children’s education throughout Orange County.

In his words: As a little kid, I really enjoyed helping my peers in school. It brought me a sense of achievement when everything suddenly made sense for the other person. Throughout my high school career and experience in Key Club, I have been fortunate enough to interact with homeless people on several occasions. I have learned that they are intelligent and loving people, just like everyone else, but without opportunities that many take for granted. Schools On Wheels [has been a] perfect opportunity to give back to the community while also allowing me to love the experience.

Laura Schickling, Regional Coordinator

Online Tutoring

Manasvi Pinnamaneni, School on Wheels Tutor of the Month

– Manasvi Pinnamaneni. Manasvi currently tutors four students online. Her commitment to her students as well as the amount of detail and care she pours into preparing for and teaching her lessons are inspiring. We are truly fortunate to have Manasvi on our team, and her students are lucky to learn from her each week.

In her words: I wanted to tutor to become engaged in my community and to use my education to help others pursue theirs. Online tutoring allowed me to accommodate this into my irregular schedule. I am currently working with four students, each learning different topics and requiring unique lesson plans. In every session, we try to approach learning in a way that incites curiosity and critical thinking, skills that will last them throughout their lives. One of my goals is to establish a comfortable and stable learning environment. While this is a more difficult task over the distance of the internet, I feel that it is a crucial part of making education rewarding. One of my students, Cassie at a shelter for youth, really helped me feel that my efforts were worthwhile. When she let me know that her tutoring session was one of the highlights of her week, I felt incredibly lucky to be able to provide this kind of academic setting. Every day that I work with my students, I am grateful to be a part of their education. Tutoring has never felt like an obligation to me, rather something to look forward to. I learn a lot from my students, and they help me broaden my worldview and challenge me to be better.

Ian, the Digital Learning Coordinator at School on Wheels does an excellent job of supporting the online tutors with important updates, tutoring tips and strategies, learning resources, and just being available to us for support. Also, the online tutoring platform is very easy to use.

Ian Chan, Digital Learning Coordinator