Jul 01

Words Changing Worlds

Words Changing Worlds

Guest post by volunteer online tutor Sanskriti Reddy

“I don’t really like to read.” Since joining School on Wheels, I heard this statement an alarming number of times. As an avid reader, it confused me. What was the problem? I soon realized that part of the reason students don’t like to read is that they simply don’t know how to pick the right books.

That is why I created Words Changing Worlds. This website helps students discover new books through carefully selected lists, quizzes, and student-written reviews.

After all, an important part of reading is not only understanding the text but connecting with it. With Words Changing Worlds, I hope students find they can do just that.

Visit Words Changing Worlds at www.wordschangingworlds.com

All the way from Texas, Sanskriti Reddy has served as an Online Tutor for over a year and a half.