Jul 16

Get on The Bus College Club Contest 2021

Students experiencing homelessness will be returning to school this year with major learning losses. Help us recruit new tutors and spread the word so these students can get back on track with the support of a School on Wheels tutor.

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Enter our Get on the Bus contest and start making a difference today! Earn points by completing the different options below. The more points you earn, the more likely you and your college club are to win!

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School on Wheels is supported by college clubs across Southern California. With our Get on the Bus contest, these clubs can kick off the school year with some friendly competition and help us recruit new tutors. Make sure you answered the question above regarding which college you are supporting so we can give them credit for your entry.

If you are a college student but not currently part of a School on Wheels college club and would like to join one, please contact mfarfan@schoolonwheels.org. If you are a friend or family member of a college student, welcome! We are so glad to have your support.


  • The winning college club will receive a Starbucks gift card with a value of $10 per club member that participated.
  • The individual winner will receive a School on Wheels swag box.
  • The contest ends on August 27th, 12:00 pm.
  • We are only accepting tutors who are current California residents; if you live out-of-state, please enter the contest using one or more of the other options!
  • The individual winner and the winning college club will be featured in our newsletter and on our social media platforms.
  • The winning college club will also have bragging rights!


Please only use one email address per person to participate in the contest. Questions, contact mfarfan@schoolonwheels.org.