Oct 01

Refer a Friend to School on Wheels and Co-tutor!

Refer a Friend to School on Wheels and Co-tutor!
Cameron and Anne Tutors of the Month
Anne and Cameron Deguzman, April 2015 Tutors of the Month

Do you enjoy tutoring with School on Wheels but wish you could do it with someone you know? Refer your friends to School on Wheels and consider co-tutoring!

We have many co-tutoring groups that tutor our amazing students each week in various regions. An example of how unique a co-tutoring pair can be is seen in the dynamic duo, Anne and Cameron Deguzman.

Anne and Cameron are a mother and son pair who tutor in the Orange County region. They started tutoring with us in the summer of 2014 and have done an outstanding job ever since. Currently, they are tutoring two brothers who are very close in age. Each week, they discover new ways to work with the boys and keep them engaged. They enjoy co-tutoring because it is a rewarding and fun experience. They enjoy coming together to figure out different answers to problems, and they feel extreme satisfaction once they do. Best of all, they can celebrate together.

Anne has always been an advocate for education, which is something she passed down to her children. Cameron wanted an opportunity to get out of his comfort zone and help those in need around him. Cameron, along with his mother, felt that School on Wheels was the best fit for tutoring in their community.

According to Anne, there are more benefits to co-tutoring than tutoring solo. One of the benefits of co-tutoring from the pair’s perspective is the fact that you can bounce ideas off each other for how to improve the tutoring experience for the students and for yourselves. You can also receive feedback from someone you trust.

You may know someone close to you who you would love to tutor with, and if you refer them to our organization, we can make it happen. The great thing about co-tutoring is that you can pair with just about anyone, whether it’s your best friend, your sibling, or your spouse, and you can tutor at a location that’s best for you. The possibilities are unlimited!

Our Refer a Friend Challenge continues until October 16, which means if you refer your friends or others within the next couple of weeks, you have the chance to win a gift certificate from an area restaurant!

Make sure your friends select “Friend/Word of Mouth” from the “How did you hear about SOW” drop down menu on the application and include your name in the “Other” field.

Here is a link to our recruitment flyer; maybe you have a local coffee shop, a bulletin board at work or a library where you could post it. Take a picture of the flyer and share it with your followers on Instagram or Twitter. Post a link to the School on Wheels application on your Facebook!

We thank you for continuing  to share your time and talent with students in need–and for spreading the word.