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Students of the Month – November 2016

Students of the Month – November 2016

Skid Row Learning Center:

Andrea, School on Wheels Student of the Month

Andrea (5th Grade) is an avid reader, choir member, exemplary student, and appointed “Digital Learning Center Captain”. Leading by example, Andrea always completes her work before helping other students. She is a joy to work with and we appreciate her hard work and dedication.


Region 6 – Inland Empire:

Jenna, School on Wheels Student of the Month

Jenna (2nd Grade) – “Right away, I realized what a special student Jenna was. She is exceptionally talented, both artistically and mathematically. Despite missing some schooling, Jenna took it upon herself to keep learning by downloading educational games and practicing her skills on her own. Her improvement and success as a student is due to her love and thirst for knowledge. I love how she comes to our sessions ready to learn with a positive and open mind!” – Michelle Chebeir, Tutor


Region 9 – Santa Barbara:

Ariana, School on Wheels Student of the Month

Ariana (4th Grade) – “On our first tutoring session, I asked Ariana what her favorite day of the week was. She answered, ‘Tuesday – because that’s the day that you come.’ Hearing this sweet answer got me already excited to work with her. Ariana really likes school, spending time with her family, and visiting her extended family in Mexico. She also enjoys playing tag, riding to the beach on her bicycle, and going to the mall. Her favorite subject in school is Math.” – Claudia Gack, Tutor


Region 10 – South Orange County:

Julian, School on Wheels Student of the Month

Julian (4th Grade) – “My student is really smart and loves school. We share a love of science, studying the weather and geology, and even the requirements of what it takes to be an engineer.” – Deb Woods, Tutor



Region 12 – North Orange County:

Phillip, School on Wheels Student of the Month

Phillip (7th Grade) – “I have seen nothing but positive growth in this intelligent young man. He comes not only prepared to learn, but eager as well. His exceptional effort has been well-documented and recognized during each of our tutoring sessions. Phillip has a very bright future if he keeps working hard, and I firmly believe he is well-equipped to go above and beyond to achieve whatever stands in his way.” – Richard Vela, Tutor


Online Tutoring:

Nick, School on Wheels Student of the Month

Nick (9th Grade) – “Nick showed curiosity at first, but would get easily distracted. There were more than a few times when he was frustrated and I was worried he’d give up, but he’s demonstrated persistence and has completed each project we’ve tackled. We use Khan Academy to work on coding and computer science and he gets so excited when he figures things out. Once, when a passerby asked what he was doing, he said, “I’m hacking.” I loved it!” – Tomer Gurantz – Online Tutor