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Students of the Month – November 2017

Students of the Month – November 2017


Eric (12th Grade) – Having recently moved to another shelter, Eric had been struggling with adjusting to his new environment. Reluctant to join our online tutoring program at first, Eric eventually developed a strong bond with his online tutor, Folu, a biomedical engineering student at Walla Walla University in Washington. Eric enjoys catching up on math and science and learning about college. Eric’s mom and shelter staff have noted that since he began tutoring with Folu, Eric has increased in his confidence in school as well as in his overall attitude and demeanor. Go, Eric!– Ian Chan, Program Administrator

Region 8:

Santiago (4th Grade) – has done a great job of keeping up with his homework. He is always prepared and ready to go when he arrives for tutoring. He is so polite, considerate and a “good boy.” He thanks me for helping him. Even though he just turned 9 years old, has already internalized the belief that he can be successful by doing well in school. One of the cutest things he does when reading to me out loud is that he will pause at words like “stupid” or “jerk” because he has been told by someone else in his life that these aren’t nice words. I tell him that it is ok to go ahead and say these words out loud because, after all, we are practicing reading. I actually know that he can read these words because when he gets to them he looks up at me for permission to say them. He is just that kind of kid. A pure delight! – Stephen Smith,Tutor

Region 5:

Leo (age 10) is an intelligent, creative thinker who is noticeably reflective and empathetic for his age. He loves graphic novels and his charter impressions make reading them with him a joy. The displayed picture shows a drawing he made of two of his favorite heroes, Finn and Jake. It seems like every time we meet Leo’s reading skills and focus get sharper. Keep it up Leo!
– Jarred Olson,



Skid Row Learning Center:

Stephanie (8th Grade) has improved tremendously. She is helpful to both staff and students alike. Her kindness, willingness to take direction and dedication to her education make her an excellent choice for Student of the Month.
– Jason Wright, Skid Row Learning Center Specialist



Region 6:

Maile (3rd Grade) is such an outgoing girl. Upon my arrival to our tutoring sessions, she always has a smile on and is eager for our session. For the last couple of weeks, she has been working really hard to master her multiplication tables. She is now learning her sixes. I am so proud of Maile and her accomplishments. We have lots of fun making slime and making volcanos.
– Gabriela Nunez, Tutor

Region 4:

Mahalaysia (5th Grade) – It has been such a joy to help my current student develop not only her math and reading skills but also her confidence. Every week she is more motivated to tackle new academic challenges, and I look forward to continuing to help her develop valuable skills.
– Amber Monterosso, Tutor