Jun 18

Students of the Month – June 2024

Austin – Age 12

I like meeting with my tutor because I get to learn new stuff. I hope to get a job in tech, and do my best to be a smart, fast learner and good listener.

I like all subjects, but science is my favorite. Science inspires me because I’m interested in it.

Emmanuel – Age 13

My tutor always helps me with any subject that I need help with. He also makes sure to ask me questions about anything else that I need help with.

I try to be kind, funny and caring. My older sister motivates me the most because she is always pushing herself to the limit. In the future, I would like to be a neurosurgeon. I enjoy science and the experiments I get to do.

Hezekiah – Age 18

I like that my tutor is reliable, never cancels last minute and is great to meet with every week. He is very flexible, very patient and is very helpful with any subjects I need help with. If I don’t understand a concept, he asks me questions and then tries to help me based on what I said. He has helped me with every subject, from math to psychology.

I hope to do great in college. I hope to finish college, get a great degree and start a great career. I also hope to travel the world. I also hope to complete a marathon and remain active. 

My dad inspires me to be trustworthy, understanding, and  loyal. He’s been an inspiration to me since I was a child because he is a great father to me and my siblings. I hope to be a great father like him; he’s always there for me and is always very goal oriented. I think students should stay focused and try to not be as distracted. Time management is very important and helps you have a balanced life.