Aug 01

Tutor Anniversaries August 2017

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Eight Years
Franklin Rutherford

Five Years
Bryan Herrera

Four Years
Esther Chan
Nancy Ayon
Nancy Owen
Jonathan Bauer

Three Years
Sidney Wagner
Jared McKiernan
Norma Perez
Beatrice Epping
Mary Lee Davis

Two Years
Susan Lawi
Casey Richards
Sarah Talaei
Amanda (Amy) Miller
Diana Lee
Cameron Riefe
Alex Riefe
Lisa Olmstead
Jenny Tao

One Year
Josie Azzam
Nikolay Ivanov
Niyant Krishnamurthi
Tiana Shambayati
Meredith Brace Sloss
Chloe Uhls
Yalda Tehranian-Uhls
Victoria Tran
Daniel Sanchez
Juan Nunez
Constance Chiang
Lynn Deng
Marcos Mendez
Denise Coleman
Ghadear El-Ali
Shana Schwer
Catherine Do
Fausto Mares-Davila
Hana Catudio
Jason Wright
Jocelyne Lopez
Yea-Lyn Pak
Usha Idnani